14 April, 2014

april mood

photos from Tumblr, Collage Vintage

A monthly inspo post is here to inspire you! This month I don't have some certain addictions, though there are still many things to talk about. First of all, I decided to put the talented and beautiful Clemence Poesy at the top. The reasons for that are quite simple - Clemence represents real French chic. She is adorable, graceful, sensual and stylish. I just like her so much. Another two girls in this inspo are Marion Cotillard (such a beauty!), Alexa Chung (there can never be too much of Alexa Chung!) and an amazing blogger whom I discovered a couple of weeks ago and adore - Aida of Dulceida. Her style is so great, it's casual but very unique and that's just what I want my style to be. She's gonna be a real inspiration for me this April! Also I put here a 'late night reminder' that I really loved. Sometimes when you've done a mistake you feel so miserable, like you're the worst person in the world and nobody would ever want to be in your life. No matter what - we all should remember things written in this picture. And also here are some things that I'm currently lusting for - high-wasted jeans, Nike Air Force sneakers and the sea!
Wish you a good start of the week!

10 April, 2014

bright wall

Hey guys, long time no talk! Today I'm showing you some spontaneously taken outfit photos which we made yesterday with my friends at the Arbat street. Here you see my everyday comfy look and some new amazing treasures I got - brand new short Converse shoes and a perfect Rebecca Minkoff purse in tiffany blue. I honestly couldn't wait to buy them and now I'm so happy they're finally mine!
So that's pretty much everything I have to say except that holidays began and I couldn't be happier. Also I'm planning on watching the new Captain America movie, so tell me if you already had and enjoyed it! Also new inspo post coming soon, so don't miss it :)
Wish you an awesome week, cuties!

coat. Massimo Dutti
jeans. Zara
shoes. Converse
purse. Rebecca Minkoff
scarf from Greece

24 March, 2014

sweet 16

That's just who I am. I'm the one who's always late. I always make the weirdest faces in the photographs. I speak loudly. I always look better wearing my everyday outfits than when I'm shooting some for the blog. I'm emotional. I always admire beautiful places. I take photos. I love songs with great lyrics. I love learning new things. I'm the one who's obsessed with cute couples like Chuck/Blair and Sebastian/Carrie. I love fashion and everything connected to it. I dream big.
So on the 22nd of March it was my birthday and I turned 16! I just wanted to share some previously unposted photos with you that show what kind of person I am. I hope you enjoy the pics!

17 March, 2014

the wool coat

Hey! I can't even remember the last time I posted some outfit pictures, but now I'm back. Just yesterday it was warm and sunny, but today it's windy and freakin' cold outside. Seriously, I'm kinda losing hope for a good weather any time soon. So this look is super casual and can be called 'thats-how-we-roll' outfit. I wear this great wool coat every day and it looks stunning with the belt on it making an oversized jacket effect that I really like. Layering was never my strong suit, so I try to do whatever comes to my mind to keep warm without it. Also just as soon as it got a bit warmer, I took out my white Chucks and have been wearing them ever since, just love them too much. I usually have a trying-too-hard syndrome when I finally get the opportunity to take outfit photos, and that's the reason why now I kept it pretty simple.
Moving forward to my personal life, I have a severe obsession with The Carrie Diaries and my heart breaks every time Kyddshaw break up. Sebastian is so so handsome, just can't stop looking at him! Sorry Chuck Bass, I love you, but I'm not in love with you (that's a slight reference to season 5).
Beside that, I'm getting a master degree at procrastination, trying not to panic because state exams are in 2 months and prepare to my birthday. Easy as that.
Hope you're having a good time and tell me if you want me to make some particular post.

coat. Massimo Dutti
jeans. Zara
bag. Longchamp
sneakers. Converse

26 February, 2014

february mood

photos from Tumblr, Views of Now

Here's another mood board, and look how different it is from the last one. Now I'm definitely not moody and sad, but quite opposite. I'm looking forward to summer, and the realization of the fact that winter is going to end soon makes me feel better than ever. Stuff that I'm mostly inspired by at the moment is sea, beaches, sun, green trees and colorful cocktails. Speaking of clothes, I got over-obsessed with blue denim and white Chucks, and my style icon of this time is, for sure, beautiful Isabella of Views of Now. I mean, she's rocking every blue denim piece she's wearing. A blue denim queen! Another item I'm in love with is a neon Cambridge Satchel. I fell in love with it quite a while ago, but now I'm seriously planning to get myself this bright perfection. And of course, I spent February watching the Olympics that were held in my country. I was fascinated by the skaters' performances, but especially the Russian couple Ilinykh/Katsalapov, the Swan Lake was so beautiful!
I hope you're alright and excited for spring!

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