19 July, 2014

what's in my bag

Hey guys! Today I'm revealing all the stuff that I carry in my purse with you. Let's begin :)
1. The purse itself. It's a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag with silver details and I love it so so much. It's very comfortable to carry around because it's small, but at the same time you can fit the whole world in it. Literal perfection.
2. Glasses. I always have my normal glasses with me, which is very obvious because my eyesight is very bad and I need them all the time. It's summer now, so I also have my sunnies to save my eyes from sun.
Sunnies - asos.com | Normal glasses - Dior
3. A friendship bracelet is something me and my friend bought just recently but I take it everywhere. It's great to always have a little reminder that there's someone that cares about you.
4. Money and metro card.
5. Tissues. I prefer having nice-smelling ones like these from Kleenex.
6. My phone. I have IPhone 4S and this awesome case is from Zara.
7. Headphones. They're something I cannot survive without, so I feel really upset when they stop working :( I don't usually have Apple headphones because they're uncomfortable (at least for me), but for now that's what I have.
8. Charger. I always have it with me because we all know how fast the battery dies, and being a phone addict I can't go outside without it.
9. Sweets. Today I had Tic Tac mint ones, though usually I just have some mint gum.
Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoyed the post! Talk to you soon!

30 June, 2014

all the greens

Hello lovely people! I can’t express how sorry I am for my long-lasted absence, but now I’m back and ready to show you more of my outfits! So today I’m here with another casual look featuring some of my favourite pieces and some new buys. In fact, I’ve bought a ton of stuff in the last few weeks because of sales, and even though I’ll try to make a post dedicated fully to my new purchases, you should better go to my YouTube channel that I started a couple of days ago and see me awkwardly talking about the stuff I bought.
Back to the point. Today’s look is very simple - as usual though - and the main item here is a new dark-green cardigan. It really reminds me of the thick wool grandma cardigans and I love the librarian touch that it gives to the look. It’s also perfect for this kind of weather as something to wear instead of coats and leather jackets. I’m sure I’m gonna wear it non-stop in autumn.
Beside that, I wanted to thank everybody who wished me good luck on the exams! In case you are interested, I passed all my exams successfully, got a red diploma (which means I have only excellent marks in it) and now have a well-deserved rest. What a bless, honestly.
Thanks once again for your kind words and I hope you are all doing well! 

cardigan. Massimo Dutti
top. H&M
jeans. Zara
shoes. Converse
bag. Furla

05 June, 2014

june mood

photos from Tumblr + my own photography

Hey guys! I’m really sorry for this radio silence during the last few weeks but I have state exams going on until tomorrow so I literally couldn’t think of anything else. Guess we can talk about this bad side of every teenager’s life later and now I’d like to announce my June favourites :)
1. B-n-w. I still haven’t got over black and white everything, so you’ll have to deal with monochromic pictures for quite some time more. I honestly think that these colours are God’s gifts and I just can’t get enough of black-n-white inspiration.
2. Beaches and sea. I mean, it’s the beginning of summer, who would resist? I can’t stop dreaming about going on vacation to Greece (which will only be in August) and I’m literally suffering without swimming in the pool and drinking non-alcohol cocktails all day long.
3. Silver jewelry. I just couldn’t deal with seeing tons of beautiful pictures with girls wearing pretty silver rings and I got myself one (sorry not sorry).
4. Dungarees. Once again, I recently bought myself this amazing white dungaree and I honestly had to force myself to stop wearing it all the time. It’s just perfect and looks very childish but still great. #coolkidsweardungarees
5. Blake Lively was A STUNNER on the Cannes festival. All her looks were so chic and no-doubt perfect that I continue admiring her sense of style ever since I saw them. BLAKE LIVELY IS MY QUUEN.
6. And the last but not least thing that I’m going to love forever is the view from my window. It’s just so wonderful, especially in the evening. If you haven’t seen these truly amazing sunset pics - you should head over to my Instagram right now. (@msnastyar)
So I will take the last exam on the list - Russian language - tomorrow and then I’ll be completely free (if you don’t count concert preparation with my class and mid-school prom as business). Hope you guys are enjoying summer and I’m going to post more after this horrible exams time ends.
Love you! 

dungarees. Stradivarius
clutch. Zara
camera. FujiFilm

18 May, 2014

a touch of orange

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These Chanel flats are old and worn-out, but nothing can replace them. They’re my all-time school companions and ultimate color touch for any outfit. To be honest, I still really miss my classical black Chanel flats and I can’t wait to get myself a new pair (one day!). I can say absolutely the same about this bag - there’s no other big and cute bag to carry my massive English books in my closet. It’s one of my favorite outfits for this type of weather. Besides, I forgot to mention that the weather got a bit more windy and I was totally happy! BEST WEATHER EVER PEOPLE. Got a bit too excited, but never mind. 
Wish you a good beginning of the week and wish me luck too, because I need to improve a ton of marks to get a great diploma! 

jacket. Zara
jeans. Zara
t-shirt. Zara
flats. Chanel
bag. Furla

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