16 March, 2014

the wool coat

Hey! I can't even remember the last time I posted some outfit pictures, but now I'm back. Just yesterday it was warm and sunny, but today it's windy and freakin' cold outside. Seriously, I'm kinda losing hope for a good weather any time soon. So this look is super casual and can be called 'thats-how-we-roll' outfit. I wear this great wool coat every day and it looks stunning with the belt on it making an oversized jacket effect that I really like. Layering was never my strong suit, so I try to do whatever comes to my mind to keep warm without it. Also just as soon as it got a bit warmer, I took out my white Chucks and have been wearing them ever since, just love them too much. I usually have a trying-too-hard syndrome when I finally get the opportunity to take outfit photos, and that's the reason why now I kept it pretty simple.
Moving forward to my personal life, I have a severe obsession with The Carrie Diaries and my heart breaks every time Kyddshaw break up. Sebastian is so so handsome, just can't stop looking at him! Sorry Chuck Bass, I love you, but I'm not in love with you (that's a slight reference to season 5).
Beside that, I'm getting a master degree at procrastination, trying not to panic because state exams are in 2 months and prepare to my birthday. Easy as that.
Hope you're having a good time and tell me if you want me to make some particular post.

coat. Massimo Dutti
jeans. Zara
bag. Longchamp
sneakers. Converse


  1. I understand you, it is really difficult to take pictures and to be creative with the clothes when the weather sucks, you get bored of the same weather and the same outfits, etc, for luck in england we have a really nice weather this days
    Would you like to follow each other in GFC and/or Bloglovin, if you want follow where you want and I follow you back

    1. You're lucky to be in London now! Yep, it's very hard and I don't even wanna go outside when the weather is disgusting. And sure, started following you in GFC!

  2. Finally new look!! And I looove it :)
    And I love Sebastian so much!!!! Chuck is like omg so interesting, but Sebastian is irresistible! I'm waiting for next season, I really like this series!

    1. Yes, I'm so existed to finally be back! Thanks so much Emilia❤️ Oh, Sebastian is so perfect, just can't get enough of him on TCD! I hope there will be season 3, or I wouldn't be able to live my life properly haha.

  3. Extupendous pics :)
    Very cool outfit /http://heyhadrien.blogspot.com/2014/03/all-leafs-are-grey.html

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  5. Loooove those shades and the belt. And the whole outfit, ha. and OMG SEBASTIAN. SO CLASSY. I'm just as obsessed as you girl, why don't boys like that exist nowadays??


    1. Exactly, thank God someone understands me! I mean why such handsome and understanding boys are so impossible to find? That's kinda sad haha ❤️


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